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Add a reputation / badges system to Drupal.org

The goal of this sub-project is to build an expertise/reputation system which will: a. expose all the different types of contributions (including non-code ones, which can't be measured by simply counting data in database) b. expose field of expertise of individuals, to make it easier to understand "who is who", who is active in which field, whose opinion is backed up by expertise in this specific field c. encourage more ...more »

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Indicate Number of Followers on an Issue

The nice thing about the subscribe commenting system was that the project maintainers could see how many users were interested in the issue; granted, the "follow" button was a major improvement for the focus of the issue. Adding a count of the number of users following any particular issue (perhaps next to the button) could help the maintainers reprioritize their approach to the issue queue, especially in regard to feature ...more »

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Add a "Difficulty" field to all d.o issues

It's hard for new contributors to find a suitable issue to get involved. Starting with a "Novice" issue always makes sense to understand how the process works, but what do you do after you crossed that line?

Let's add a new, optional "Difficulty" property to all d.o issues:

- novice

- beginner

- intermediate

- advanced

- expert

- ninjutsu

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Improve Community/Support/Getting-involved Landing pages

The initiative to Improve Community, Support and Getting-involved Landing pages will help direct people to the areas most relevant and useful to meet their goals, such as: Community: "Where is everybody? I want to meet people and participate, learn and share." Get involved (or getting involved): "How can I help? I need specific guidance on how I can be an effective contributor. " Support: "I need help! Where can I find ...more »

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Integrate Module Dependencies Visibility in a Project

In the same way in our Drupal Installation we can see what modules are required for a specific module and what module use a specific module. Could be good idea put couple blocks in a project page to show how modules are tied, because can provide to site builder an idea how strong are modules and how get examples about how to integrate this module in a custom implementation. For instance in services module/project page, ...more »

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Improve usability of "Follow" button in issue queue

Despite the awesome "Follow" button that was added to the top of issues, I still see a lot of people posting "subscribe" or "+1" in the issue queues. I think there are two reasons for this: 1) If you aren't logged in, you don't see the Follow button 2) It only appears at the top of the issue, but people are going to be most tempted to "subscribe" when they have read to the bottom of the thread and determined that the ...more »

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Improve drupal Themes repository

Section : http://drupal.org/project/themes

Add/Update fields (essential) :

1. Demo (link or screenshots)*

2. Tags (for filter or search)*

+ Display section, more like a gallery.

I'm sure, this will attract new users to have a try on drupal CMS. And of course will also appeal to designers to contribute more themes to the community.

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Improve issue form to encourage posting steps to reproduce


Our issue guidelines for Drupal core (and other projects) explicitly state that users should submit steps to reproduce. However, many people overlook this.


Improve the form UX. When an issue is filed as a bug report, a field or template for steps to reproduce is automatically displayed.

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Mentoring for all levels of Drupal Developers

This already exists (community) but it would be cool to formalize it a bit more. Proteges get a list of issues based on the 'level' they choose. They get a mentor to help them try and solve that issue. Mentors would volunteer to help new contributors. and choose a 'level' they were willing to support. Proteges would become active contributors quicker and hopefully become mentors themselves. By using the mentoring ...more »

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