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Add a big visible DOWNLOAD BUTTON on d org homepage

- users are always groping for it

- all similar sites have this


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    I am not voting either way on this. There is a "getting started" button which links to a page with "download drupal 7.12" and there is a "download and extend" tab in the top navbar.

    So there are already two quick links on the front page. To add a big visible DOWNLOAD, would require a redesign. It would make the front-page quite ugly, as-is.

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    Just a note that not having a download link on the front page was a deliberate choice. Not saying it can't be changed; just clarifying that it wasn't an oversight which means there would need to be a good reason to change it.

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    The same with the modules.

    In the project page there should also be a big download button!

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      I do not agree that it should be there for the project pages. It will make the releases section at the bottom difficult to follow. Also if there are three supported version will we then have three big download buttons?