Back-link commits in related issues

If commits reference a given issue, cross-post them to the issue so they're visible in the comment stream.


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Related *.drupal.org issue/discussion: http://drupal.org/node/493074

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    Lin Clark

    I always do this manually, so it would be great to have it automated.

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    Having this automation would solve a multitude of problems with "Did this get committed?" "I only see it on 7.x" "This got rolled in with another patch" "The new files are missing" "Will this be in 7.13?" etc. :) Plus, anything that makes maintainers' lives less tedious is awesome.

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    Nice, but let's think about the layout of the issue node. When change notifications were added, they looked awful. Let's not overlook it this time.

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      Take a look at the issue linked in the main post; it shows a mockup for the idea. Also see http://drupal.org/node/1218230 for the change notification thing. :)

      Personally I find the information important enough that I wouldn't mind if we implemented it by putting the text inside a blink tag in large red MS Comic Sans over a tiled animated gif background. ;)