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Before posting new projects, issues, forum topics, etc. show user a list of things with similar titles/descriptions and prompt user to confirm their submission isn't a duplicate.


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    I don't think I've ever had this come up with something useful for me on any site I've ever been on that had it. That said, if we can make one that actually works and doesn't bring the server to its knees, I'm all for reducing duplicate posts. :)

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      Of course we should take server load into account, but it is useful. Stackoverflow/Stackexchange does it properly and it rocks. It has prevented me from posting duplicates nearly 75% of the time.

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    This could save considerable resources for every one, since according to the issue statistics 10-20% of the reported issues is a duplicate. This means waste of time for not just a project maintainer but for the user who posted the duplicate.

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    wjaspers is also out there, but I haven't tested it against Drupal 6. Maybe this would be something worth examining after is upgraded to 7.x. This module also looks up related content using the "uniqueness" field criteria specified per content-type.

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    I think this is a great idea because it will save devs a great deal of time, as well as connect them to other people who are facing similar problems. That means a stronger community on

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    It would be great if this existed, especially if it pulled back valid results. I also think some duplication will likely always exist due to some people just not knowing the "lingo" and/or not knowing how to properly articulate what they are looking for.

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    Sounds great, if it could work. But think of the PITA this could be, having a pile of dozens of supposedly similar posts you have to cull through before posting your own item. With a not-large variety of keywords on d.o (it's all surrounding a rather narrow topic), I question the value of this feature, and fear it could greatly hinder the UX.