Dedicated jobs board on Drupal.org

Move job postings out of groups.drupal.org and onto drupal.org, and improve the listings with ties back to companies and locations + featured listings to help fund d.o development.


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Related *.drupal.org issue/discussion: http://drupal.org/node/994230

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    Would be nice to work this mess in here so we can more easily connect those seeking work with those offering it: http://groups.drupal.org/available-for-hire

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      Trying to connect on a larger scale, it'd would sweet to have a google map with placemarkers that shows this. Let it be filterable by job available, available for hire, group events.

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    I really want this. I have notifications turned off for the Boston Drupal group because it's mostly job postings. But that means if I forget to check it proactively, I miss things I might like to have seen. It would be great if jobs could be separated from other content so you could subscribe to one or the other depending on your interests.

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      Community Member

      Perhaps this could be handled like newsletters. Location groups get a general and a jobs stream. Then later the user can choose to turn off the jobs or the local news/events.

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    As all people know find resources in Drupal is getting more hard every day. Maybe in a new implementation of job in Drupal.org we can add a testimonial system or rating for freelancer and Drupal workshops.

    With this kind of tools, contractors will have another metric to be used in a hiring process.

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    This might be best served as a totally separated Drupal.org environment. Maybe something along the lines of "ODesk.com"?

    The link first suggested above points to a gigantic page, which, as informational as it may be, is overwhelmingly big.

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