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The http://drupal.org/project/project_browser module allows browsing themes and modules from within your Drupal site. In order to use the module, we require server changes to Drupal.org.


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Related *.drupal.org issue/discussion: http://drupal.org/node/1243332

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    I agree. I'd just want to make sure that browsing for projects from within a Drupal site is at least as rich as browsing from D.O. What I mean is: keyword search, filtering by category, sandbox status, sort by most installed/relevance/release date, etc.

    Also, one should be able to see some info from the project page: description, screenshots, links, # of reported installs. Also, importantly, the "similar modules" block would be very helpful. I know this info is in D.O but more seamless integration would be in order if this becomes popular (thus, maybe requiring more changes to Drupal.org to do this the right way).