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+ Display section, more like a gallery.

I'm sure, this will attract new users to have a try on drupal CMS. And of course will also appeal to designers to contribute more themes to the community.


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    I'm all for a 'gallery' type view of Drupal themes...

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    I agree. A gallery format would be more attractive.

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    Ideally we should come up with some good predefined categories that allow ppl to find what they need: for instance, # of columns; responsive [yes/no]; base theme [yes/no]; intended use [say, "blog", "commerce", "media", etc]; color-module compatible; HTML5-support; etc.

    This would allow us to find, say, a "Recolorable, 2-column, responsive theme for a blog".

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    Community Member

    I second all the recommendations.

    I'd also like to add that it would be nice to know how well supported, stable and "working" a theme is ... or not i.e. a means to flag it as non-functioning etc

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    I agree. It doesn't matter that there are 1000+ themes if you can't easily look through them. Wordpress has some great examples we can learn from on how searchable the themes are, as well as how easy it is to see screenshots/demo a theme on that theme's page.