Improve usability of "Follow" button in issue queue

Despite the awesome "Follow" button that was added to the top of issues, I still see a lot of people posting "subscribe" or "+1" in the issue queues. I think there are two reasons for this:

1) If you aren't logged in, you don't see the Follow button

2) It only appears at the top of the issue, but people are going to be most tempted to "subscribe" when they have read to the bottom of the thread and determined that the conversation is incomplete and they want to get updates.

The fixes I'd suggest:

1) The Follow button appears to anonymous users, but takes you to the login page.

2) The Follow button appears at both the top and bottom of the issue. The one at the bottom should be positioned above/below/inside the comment form, wherever it is most likely to catch the eye of someone about to post a quick "subscribe" comment.

3) Comment validation should include a check for basic "subscribe" posts, and the error should remind people to click the Follow button.


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    Neither (1) nor (2) of your reasons apply to me - I sometimes stick 'subscribe' to make the importance of the issue more visible.

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    I think we should see the number of followers on each issue, and have a page where we can see all issues that one is following (I didn't find a page like this).

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      It seems the below idea referenced by james.williams isn't there, or, at least, the link doesn't work. I submitted something similar (http://drupal-association.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Indicate-Number-of-Followers-on-an-Issue/101436-18300). It seems that the idea in this queue is good but contingent on the idea discussed here. The idea of a count was brought up in the issue queue of AdvAgg (http://drupal.org/node/1171546)

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    hook_form_validate: If exists($keyword("subscribe")) {do follow;} ;)

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    I think we can improve the follow button from a project / issue maintainer by showing NUMBER OF FOLLOWS.

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    This idea is simple and logical.