Integrate Module Dependencies Visibility in a Project

In the same way in our Drupal Installation we can see what modules are required for a specific module and what module use a specific module.

Could be good idea put couple blocks in a project page to show how modules are tied, because can provide to site builder an idea how strong are modules and how get examples about how to integrate this module in a custom implementation.

For instance in services module/project page, could be good idea check in what way services module is implemented by other modules.


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    Community Member

    Definitely. Depends on... integrates/extends.. suggested.

    The use as relationships to show 'related' modules.

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    Yonas Yanfa

    This would be great. Shouldn't be hard to implement either.

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    This would be extremely useful to be implemented as a block on the modules page itself. I've often gone down the rabbit hole of downloading a module, then needing a dependency then needing a dependency for the dependency etc.

    Although it might be a little more difficult, what about third-party libraries as well? For example, FCKEditor has a dependency of the javascript library that actually makes it work?