Make Drupal.org theme responsive

Drupal.org is a bit painful to browse on a mobile device. It'd be cool if it used responsive design to show off what Drupal can do!


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Related *.drupal.org issue/discussion: http://drupal.org/node/951114

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    webchick ( Idea Submitter )

    This i think I would prefer to do when we port Drupal.org to Drupal 7, since we need to re-write the theme then anyway.

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      Yeah, I totally agree it doesn't make much sense to do this before the site is on D7.

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      OK, so create a new idea... Make Drupal.org responsive on D7!

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    Even better, wait for D8 to have it natively ;)

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    Lin Clark

    Do we have any data on what percentage of people browse using mobile devices?

    Whenever I'm visiting Drupal.org, it's because I'm downloading and configuring a module, developing code, or testing a patch. None of these are activities that I would attempt on my phone, or on a tablet really. Maybe other people use the site differently.

    Unless people want to use Drupal.org while on a mobile, this seems like something that could wait.

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      I completely agree with Lin Clark's comment. The one thought I have that goes against it is some people may just be triaging issues or performing other similar tasks that they feel comfortably doing on mobile devices away from a dev environment.

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    I use d.o on my phone all the time and it's a huge pain.

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    I disagreed not because I think it's a bad idea but because I don't think it's something we need to try and do now in D6.

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    Goutam Dey

    This is the time to do it. I cant agree more.+ 1 from me

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    We have an issue for this with a short term road map http://drupal.org/node/951114

    I can't imagine the html changing between Drupal 6 to 7 so we can start working on the css now.

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    I voted yes, since I do use d.o on my iPhone often enough and it's pretty much unusable from there. I'd say it should come secondary though to the Drupal 7 upgrade, and perhaps use a new base theme like Omega, which I've been using on several of the last few sites I've done and has made responsive theming very painless, and also it already has 960gs in place, which could make adapting the existing d.o theme into it easier.

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    How urgent is this? Is it worth spending energy on this at the expense of other things? or do we wait for D8 as catch suggests? There's a lot do, so we also need to triage all these great ideas. I personally think this is important, but is it our No1 priority?

  10. Comment

    I hate responsive design. Hate it on desktop, and hate it on mobile too. It is bad. BAD BAD BAD. acquia.com is a fine example, why it is so wrong.

    Create a mobile theme, not a responsive one.


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      I think you are confusing the principles of responsive design with (poor) implementation.

    2. Comment

      No, I don't.

      - I don't want any website to resize the content, my mobile browser can do it just fine, so don't mess it up..

      - I don't want any website to move the content (or controls) when I resize my desktop browser window. I want them in the same position, with the same size. My browser can make it larger or smaller just fine, so don't mess it up..

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    I disagreed. I feel like there is a long list of items that would have a much higher positive impact on d.o. user productivity.