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In addition to the community-managed documentation, the documentation team also wants to have a more curated documentation area, where we can have better control over the quality of the docs, as well as of what merits inclusion.


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    This would be great if there was also a way for a user to propose changes --say through an unpublished revision then the doc team could have a list of all proposed changes and apply them if merited.

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    Goutam Dey

    I copletely agree on this. And in addition i would.like to suggest further improment of the overall documentation structure like installation procedure for all the projects which i belive will help spread drupal as whole. We should consider wp, mquery doc style as a reference point. We should also consider examples if and where possible refrence msdn. We should also think about video links as well. We should consider using less techical jarfons as.well, like alias,global redirect etc instead we should provide more plain leteral meaning or easier to understand english.

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    A Book for each project would be ideal, with a per-page tagging system that can aggregate all the books together. It's painful to browse through every page of documentation for every vaguely similar module to find the one page I want. I'd rather click the documentation link from the project page and be taken directly to relevant docos for that project in a relevant table of contents.

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    While agreeing, documentation is a very big task that has shown in past that it needs a lot of volunteers support. We all know that just a few fellow members cannot accomplish the work. So even if that sounds Utopia as for idea "Donation for Projects Maintainers" there should be a way for regular "Doc" supporters a kind of acknowledgment in which form however. But it should be a kind of that will attract end motivate more Drupal ORG members to stay longer and constantly for support within a "Doc-Team".

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    When you look at other projects like Plone (http://plone.org/documentation/manual/developer-manual) or Synfony (http://symfony.com/doc/current/book/index.html) their main documentation is curated and arranged very specifically and carefully. It comes with examples and moves along in a sensible order of increasing skill. This kind of documentation is absolutely necessary for Drupal, and it is impossible to generate by crowdsourcing. It requires thought and care. I believe this kind of documentation would actually help to INCREASE volunteers, because they could actually, you know WRITE DOCS rather than editing wiki pages and rolling comments, which is really what the doc team spends most of their time on. I truly believe this is a vital need for our community.