Make events on groups.drupal.org amazing

Show upcoming events in your area, show what events people are going to on their profile, show a map of events around the world, etc.


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Related *.drupal.org issue/discussion: http://drupal.org/node/954708

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    This is a great idea - but is unfortunately out of scope for making drupal.org awesome. G.D.O is not on the table for this round, that's why I'm voting down. Otherwise - I would be 100% in favour of this great idea!

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    This idea can be moved to "In progress" ones. There is already dev site and work is being done.

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    Community Member

    D.o needs events that highlight community events like office hours, and code/documentation sprints.

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    If I "sign-up" for an event, can it remind me via email on the "day-of"?