Port Drupal.org to Drupal 7

With Drupal 8 due out in a year and a bit, it's high time to get our flagship site onto the latest stable version—Drupal 7!


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    I honestly think people's time and energy would be better used improving the site's tools. I don't think we should upgrade for upgrade's sake. That being said, if the upgrade will enable new functionality that will be included, I'm for it.

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      Upgrading for upgrade's sake is indeed stupid. On the other hand, I've recently had to guide someone during his babysteps in Drupal and one of his comments was: "Why use Drupal 7? Even Drupal.org is still in Drupal 6!" Well... what am I supposed to say to that?

      Just for the record, I'm not voting on this. I agree that there are more important things to take care of first. But on the other hand, d.org is a billboard site for Drupal use. Those two things cancel each other out, meaning I can't vote yes or no :P

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    Keep in mind that upgrading also makes it easier for people to *work* on the site's tools. I don't contribute to drupal.org itself typically because I have an idea, I get involved with an issue, and I get about far enough to go "Yuck... I have to do this in D6," and then move on to something else.

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      I'm comfortable with D6 but have only been working with D7 for a few months now and got the exact opposite problem :P Latest one was when I tried to enhance the user management page. In D6, I can just override the path with a view. In D7, it breaks the "Add user" link and the "Permissions". Still haven't figured out why it does that, nor how to make a workaround for it (all my attempts thus far have failed)

      So, to each their own, right? Having to do it in D6 might be demotivating for you. For others, it might be motivating.

      PS: I do love what they did to the DB API in D7, and the block hooks are a great improvement too -- not one giant switch statement within another one with plenty of clutter in each case anymore!

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      Well, okay. However, personal preferences don't change the fact that D6 EOL is projected for 18 months from now, so putting energy into what would (for any other project) be a backport is hard for me.

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    I think it's important for image if nothing else. It sends out a bad message when we're telling people D7 is great but we don't use it on our own site.

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    Note that there are still different opinions on the concrete upgrade path roadmap. Because of that, it probably makes sense to keep this other idea separated from this idea:


    The actual approached battle plan for porting drupal.org to D7 was to replace the entire project* module infrastructure with organic groups. There have been 1-2 code sprints on that already, with some progress, but it's of course a huge undertaking.

    As I'm in favor of that roadmap, I'd like to change my vote on this one, but that doesn't seem to be possible.

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      Community Member

      Ahhh project/project should be updated to reflect this :)

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    Alex UA

    We just ported 2 sites from D6-D7, and each was a big site but nowhere near as big as d.o., and each cost more than $100k. Now, we did fix many of the plethora of broken update paths and half-baked (non core) modules that drained our budgets and our spirits, but it's still hard for me to see how this can be completed before d8 without a seious cash outlay (as in $200k+) with an experienced firm.

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    Community Member

    What about working on the d.o site in parallel with the version. Since D8 is being worked on, maybe there could be some resources devoted to D8 version of d.o.

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      It's unfortunate, but d.o. will always lag behind the current major drupal version. It would be nice if we could confidently upgrade a site without too many issues the day a major version is released, but that's not the current reality. Even a year after release, I still have to apply multiple patches to core just for a core upgrade to complete without errors. And that says nothing of the contrib space. Very difficult problem space when there are effectively unlimited permutations of upgrade paths.

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    By the time this would be completed there will be bug/security updates for Drupal 8.

    I think that the title should be renamed to "Port Drupal.org to Drupal 8" as this is by far not a trivial undertaking and would probably take close to a year if not more. There is the basic core/contrib update process which is a big chunk, custom module updating, project system, data migration, the git workflow, etc. Also, gathering the funding and people for this is not trivial either.

    I think an alternative would be to have better showcases and case studies.

    Just my $0.02

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    I view this as necessary before too much customization should be undertaken, else we're implementing the customizations twice or more. Yes, upgrading can be costly in time and effort. It's definitely not a painless experience! But the affordances D7 yields are worth it before we get too far into enhancing modules pages, project module, etc.

    Site enhancements will span over time. If we were not to upgrade first, we'd be building D6 implementations long past D8's release. Is that sustainable?

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    To those who are saying that upgrading to v7 is not a good idea: if that's not a good idea than why the heck people are going to buy Windows 8?, and there are huge improvements in v7 and for those who are working on settings, etc... will find it easy to use v7. As they have been building sites for v7 too for others.

    v7 is great idea and if that doesn't matter than stop the entire development lol!~ for v7 or v8 and support v6 and live in the past for your entire life :p