Separate Drupal Documentation by Version

As a complete newbie, one of the most confusing things is to be reading documentation explicitly for drupal 7 and follow a link to a page which is only for drupal 6.

Also. I have not found any quick start guides so I am in the process of writing an extensive one, which I will post after I have succeeded in getting my first three sites up and running.


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    I can't undo my downvote :(

    The decision to keep all versions of documentation together is deliberate. If there were separate versions, it would be a lot of duplicate content and 2x (3x?) as much work to maintain, and there aren't enough documentation volunteers to manage this.

    You point out the problem that you aren't informed when you move from one node to another. It would be interesting to discuss solutions around that. There's a section available on every docs page called "About this page".... if that info isn't filled in, anyone can fix it.

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      gh ( Idea Submitter )

      Separate can be a verb or an adjective in the subject ;-).

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      An idea: let the menu system hide links to content not tagged with the version you're interested in? Is that possible while browsing (as opposed to when searching)?

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    I think what could be used here is 'per version' indexes, so that one could filter out a specific drupal version when searching for documentation ... think 'version specific' table of contents, or the ability to filter out specific versions while viewing the documentation hierarchy tree ... but in a way that wouldn't require duplication of the actual documentation itself.

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      Just created a topic about the very thing, before seeing this. Would be good to filter by version when searching. Adding a version tag to the docs and forum content types should be mandatory (required) to make this work.

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    gh ( Idea Submitter )

    I anticipated Lisa's comment, which is why I did not actually propose anything specific ;-). I will never use v6 so my guide will be only for v7. The way the projects are documented is really good. There are links to releases on the front page and one can readily tell what the support status is. The problem for a newbie is knowing where to look.

    I have now learned to scan every page I am reading for anything version specific before I start. Jthorson's idea could be developed a little further to 'per version' filters ... but the UI might become a nightmare, so I don't know.

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    :) gh, I agree it's a definite problem that it can be difficult to use docs that have various things that are applicable, and others that aren't.

    If the content in a node was marked up so that version specific stuff was identified, I wonder what it would take to allow people to click a setting to filter out the irrelevant content, e.g. 'only show D7-related content'.

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      That would be awesome! There is another idea about incorporating VBO in module pages, but the same would be great for docs.

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    Maciej Lukianski

    Often though docs and solutions are bundled up for more than one version on a single node. The very helpfull comments of "Here's how do do the same thing but in Drupal 7" are quite popular.

    Also often, reading docs for d6 can help solve a problem in D7. It will be difficult to incorporate that into tagging.

    I usually rely on post/comment dates to get an idea as to which version the discussion pertains and find that it's quite a good indicator.

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    I think this would just create extra work. That's why there's the "You can edit this page." link. It keeps the document fresh, as long as the community helps out.