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We are not just blue nicknames on a screen. Show our community our faces :)


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  1. Comment

    This would make networking at Drupalcons and camps easier.

    Remember, come for the software and stay for the COMMUNITY

  2. Comment
    Lin Clark

    While I think it works on, where we're (for the most part) socializing, I worry that on, it might subtly bias the way that people's opinions are heard.

    For example, if someone looks like our culture's stereotype of an "expert", their voice might be heard more than others. Assumptions made using visual clues are usually wildly incorrect, and have been conclusively shown to be so, but people's media-inculcated biases are still in place.

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    1. Comment

      Yes, this is a very important point.

    2. Comment

      This is a good point. However, this could help break that stereo type.

      I think that this could create a stigma against those who don't want their pictures posted; it could give casual viewers the false idea that if there is no image posted the user must be a newbee. To keep this from happening I would propose that there be two static images, one for people that don't want to have a picture displayed and one for people that have not added a picture. This would at least let casual visitors know that someone cares without making them look like an egg.

  3. Comment

    I'm not against user pictures in general but have no real desire for them and would rather see other things being worked on. I don't think they really add anything to g.d.o and aren't needed on d.o.

  4. Comment

    I also think this could help do the opposite of what Lin Clark is worried about. is faceless and robotic. Having user pictures could help show that everyone contributing is just a "normal person like you" and help build more of a community aspect, especially with things like initiative teams, module groups, etc.

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    1. Comment

      How many of those "normal person like you"s will look like Goku or such, though? ;)

  5. Comment

    I don't know about y'all, but I *am* a blue name on a screen. IRL.

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    1. Comment
      Yonas Yanfa

      Why do you limit yourself to being a blue name on a screen?

    2. Comment

      ...It's an absurdist joke. :)

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    Alex UA

    I think Lin's concerns are unfounded- I have never seen people treated with disrespect because of their appearance within the drupal community, and I don't see it happening. Also- people can choose their avatar.

    Cheap + easy + community stregthening = WIN!

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    1. Comment

      Well, you (or any one person) not seeing or perceiving disrespectful behavior doesn't others haven't been on the receiving end.

      More to the point, though, there's a difference between disrespect and unconscious bias.