Add the dopl module to Drupal.org

See a video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=xx1-sPE8d1s


How many times have you typed the whole module, copy and paste a link to that module to link to a project in the Drupal forums or the handbook? It's a real PITA to go type all that html everytime, right? Wouldn't it be awesome if you could just write the module name your editor would automatically find the correct module title, the right username and turn these into links? Well, there's a module for that. It's called the Drupal.org project link filter.


The DOPL module is a filter that makes it easy to link to modules, themes, installation profiles, nodes, and users on http://drupal.org and http://groups.drupal.org. At it's base, it's a very small filter that lets you type something like panels[dot]module and turn it to a link to the panels module with the full title of the project (cck[dot]module will turn into Content Construction Kit).


1. Module : module_name[dot]module eg. panels[dot]module

2. Theme : theme_name[dot]theme eg. zen[dot]theme

3. Translation : name[dot]translation eg. fr[dot]translation

4. Installation profile : name[dot]installprofile eg. uberDrupal[dot]installprofile

5. Node on Drupal.org : node_id[dot]do eg. 345196[dot]nid

6. Node on groups.drupal.org : node_id[dot]gdo eg. 345196[dot]gdo

7. Users : user_id[dot]user eg. 48488[dot]user



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