Issues and Ideas for (Drupal-Core-8)

hi, Before you start reading I just want to say this is a few months old like 3 or maybe 4. SO if there are some improvements made to core by now that I have listed below just ignore them. And English isn't my first language so don't be bothered.


Modules: There is no option to "Hide all" "Collapse all button Visible" on the page!.

This really needs to be in the Core-8 itself...


Module_Filter is good module, some one please make the same thingy for Permissions!~

I have no knowledge about PHP, I don't really think I need to know too... I'm happy without it, maybe some day.


Installing a Modules has been a nightmare for me, I think it would be a good idea for installing

multiple modules by selecting all modules, instead of one by one. Modules that depend on others should be installed automatically by core itself or by a module that can deal with this problem,

developers! start making one :D


I am aware of installing modules by extracting modules in the folder: (site\all\modules)

but that is not a way that every user knows about. How about installing multiple modules by simply adding the entire list, just the way we upload images, right now, you can only add one module at a time.


Those modules that are depending on other modules should list those modules URL. Finding the modules page that depends is also a nightmare.

Or there should be a module that can download the required modules. Saving configurations should be done through AJAX,

I'm am getting sick of see page refreshing repeatedly without a progress indication. Ajax is one of the most important part of building websites and this option should be in the core itself.

Less call backs to server, means less server activity.


Visual Studio is a huge platform for building Softwares/Websites by Microsoft and I think supporting the ASP.Net Modules in drupal will 100% Boost Drupal and I mean this would be extreme!~ There are thousands of application developers out there that can support drupal with programming languages like C-Sharp and Visual Basic etc... I myself am a developer, my skills (C#,ASP.NET,SilverLight,HTML,CSS,HTML5,SQL)

DotNetNuke Modules support in drupal (is this possible in any ways???)


When I was searching for Modules, I noticed "What modules should I trust?"

I mean Drupal is open source and community based platform and I think there should be a system for giving modules a "Sign" of "Trusted" by Drupal "community" a logo based.

And when we install UN-trusted modules that are under-development, they should indicate a warning before we install them to our site or we can just crash our site by installing them.


Backups is wow, I am new to drupal and I had a problem that I had to "Restore" and this feature should be built-in drupal in version 8.


Every Module or Block "Settings" should have its own "Default-Settings" button to reset changes. I wish that feature was there for all settings in drupal.


Problems in Drupal:

I discovered that "Text Formats" that I "Administrator" have created are visible in all places,

example: Comments can include a YouTube video embedded!~

I want user to "embed YouTube Videos to there blogs or added in an Article only but not in comments!~

There should be a way to manage "text formats" where they should appear and where not. If this problem can be solved please! tell me about it.


Themes should have a "Preview" option for what website would look like before we apply it?

, similar as preview comment.

If you don't want to display your "Website" name then use "(none)" but on Firefox Tab it shows as "page name & (none)" text.


In Permissions page there is no way you as an "Administrator" can check all "Admin" check boxes"!!!~

I have to check all the check boxes one by one is a (Nightmare!~).


Overlay: There is no "indicator" on loading overlay. Overlay is taking a lot of time on loading itself and I don't know when it's going to be done loading the page.



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