Learning Series (Screencast) on www.drupal.org/screencast

There are hundreds of modules and themes and every one of them wants to introduce there module or theme or features or just help starters. Registered users should be allowed to post videos from YouTube or other sources and link them on Drupal.org/ ScreenCast???

And Voting the videos is most important part because there will be similar videos posted by different users.

Highest voted videos will be shown on top of others and videos will be tagged by the user that posted the videos for better search results.

This is going to be cool for all users out there and all those who are making complex modules will be able to produce videos and promote there efforts.

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My Comments:

http://dev.nodeone.se/en is one of the examples, videos from such sites can be linked and played on drupal.org for those who are learning basics or advance features.(Including ME!~) This community is free for everyone and should always be free so vote this idea so it never becomes commercialized on training videos or anything else. Lynda learning series is selling training but if training videos are going to stop people from making drupal better then why the heck is drupal free in the first place? Training new members is extremely important because they are going to bring new ideas to drupal.org, support, develop, and so on!~ so Drupalers VOTE!!!~ this idea =)






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