Twitter like behaviour on Dashboard, Re-design entire Dashboard!

Twitter is one good Example for this idea because you can follow users, websites, news, etc...


Following a module??? or theme???

It's like creating a list of modules that you like or are using, that list (Click-able URLs) will grow as you follow. If there is a new version, security updates, some type of improvements, problems, etc... those notifications can appear on Dashboard by topic "Following Projects (All) / Themes".

Like NEWS!~ And of course, when I say news I do mean news, Theme owner and Module owners can post news but max to 2-3 posts in 24 Hours so no one becomes annoying.

If you don't like to follow a project, just click "UN-Follow" in (settings).

Modules list to to link to those projects is important because that way you will never forget about those project because there are going to be thousands of modules very soon and you can't remember them all by names or even by usage and which ones you liked in the past. The idea is that, when you create a new websites you have to download modules and themes that you like in one place, those are all going to be in your list that link to all those projects that you follow.

Following the projects will keep track on the projects and that is one way to know what improvements are being made, it's like CNN / BBC news on dashboard reporting public about the current improvements or security issue or problems etc...



If I follow module "Views" and a news would come up saying: (Performance Improvements, Update! to new version) I can then just visit my website and update that module.

2) or maybe they need a developer for supporting the project??? ,

3) or they need advice ,

4) or just want comments about the new updates and improvements?

You can't keep on eye on what updates are appearing on (Reports) 24 hours a day.

But yes on your Dashboard you can and you will if there is going to be constant updates from followed projects.


One thing I don't understand is why is "AJAX" not implemented in Drupal Core???????

Ajax can re-load the dashboard after one minute or less, instead of us reloading the page our selves???

is that difficult or impossible??? comments please...


Re-design entire Dashboard!~


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