core office hours, plus pro

The burgeoning issue queues are a big drag on the velocity of the core development. Significantly increased community participation is the most important part of the solution. One of the biggest obstacles to participation is on-boarding the prospective contributor. Even after a rousing presentation on why its so important, and the pretty darn good “how to get started as a contributor” pages on d.o, nothing works so well as a first time walk-through.


Consider this an extension of the “core office hours” initiative, extended to the camp, to try to get the tradition established of having table staffed with “Drupal on-boarding engineer” available to walk would-be’s through the process of reviewing or rolling their first patch.


Provide a self-certification process of what someone serving as a Drupal on-boarding engineer should know. This is a distillation of what is already provided on the how to get started pages. (It also serves to allow goal-oriented people a checklist to reward their own progress.)


Develop a curriculum; (objectives, speaking outline, set of slides) suitable for a speaker to make a how-to-get-started-as-a-contributor camp presentation.


The “Git” presentation at Drupalcon Chicago was much generally along these lines, but focused on git only.


Promote the idea that every camp schedule slot for a Drupal onboarding session. Declare 2012 the year of Community Contributor.



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