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Most questions I have dont seem to fit into any of the current categories so they get lumped into the "post installation" or the "general discussions" forums. Right now the "post installation" forum has 513829 posts, likely more than all the others combined. It seems that splitting it into different topics would allow easier discovery by searchers, and probably allow the rest of us to find a niche to contribute, as (unofficial) ...more »

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Add a "Difficulty" field to all d.o issues

It's hard for new contributors to find a suitable issue to get involved. Starting with a "Novice" issue always makes sense to understand how the process works, but what do you do after you crossed that line?


Let's add a new, optional "Difficulty" property to all d.o issues:

- novice

- beginner

- intermediate

- advanced

- expert

- ninjutsu

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