Add a reputation / badges system to Drupal.org

The goal of this sub-project is to build an expertise/reputation system which will: a. expose all the different types of contributions (including non-code ones, which can't be measured by simply counting data in database) b. expose field of expertise of individuals, to make it easier to understand "who is who", who is active in which field, whose opinion is backed up by expertise in this specific field c. encourage more ...more »

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Indicate Number of Followers on an Issue

The nice thing about the subscribe commenting system was that the project maintainers could see how many users were interested in the issue; granted, the "follow" button was a major improvement for the focus of the issue. Adding a count of the number of users following any particular issue (perhaps next to the button) could help the maintainers reprioritize their approach to the issue queue, especially in regard to feature ...more »

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