Add a "Difficulty" field to all d.o issues

It's hard for new contributors to find a suitable issue to get involved. Starting with a "Novice" issue always makes sense to understand how the process works, but what do you do after you crossed that line?


Let's add a new, optional "Difficulty" property to all d.o issues:

- novice

- beginner

- intermediate

- advanced

- expert

- ninjutsu

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Change issue "Component" into multiple values

The Component property of an issue is a single value currently. Often times, however, an issue spans over multiple components/topics, in which you have to figure out the primary component and usually assign the other ones as issue tags. Especially for Drupal core, an issue might be related to Node module, but is also changing plethora of CSS, JS, and markup. And oh, that very same issue might even try to "fix" an oddity ...more »

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