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Add a reputation / badges system to Drupal.org

The goal of this sub-project is to build an expertise/reputation system which will: a. expose all the different types of contributions (including non-code ones, which can't be measured by simply counting data in database) b. expose field of expertise of individuals, to make it easier to understand "who is who", who is active in which field, whose opinion is backed up by expertise in this specific field c. encourage more... more »


Topic Pages

'Topic' page aggregates all activity across d.o for a given topic, to make finding related information and activity much easier. The purpose of the 'topics' is multiple including: - a way for people to identify their expertise - a way to aggregate content of interest to that topic from across Drupal.org - a way to see what is happening around specific topic right now, where and who is active - a way to aggregate people... more »


Develop alternative to /community-initiatives & meta issues

We have a host of community initiatives, where members in the community get an itch, identify the most important issues that relate to their initiative, and call them out. See for example Accessibility or the HTML 5 initiatives. These initiative pages were invaluable during Drupal 7 code thaw for rallying people around various development efforts. However, they have a number of problems: * Each initiative is captured... more »


Full staging environment for Drupal.org

http://drupal.org/make-drupalorg-awesome outlines the current community collaboration process on Drupal.org, which is awesome but doesn't cover everything, notably Git, Solr, etc. pieces. We need a full staging environment to allow the community to hack on things in those areas, as well as to ensure Drupal.org deployments go smoothly.